Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines

The role of acupuncture in the treatment of migraine by Albrecht Molsberger, MD; …“A German randomized controlled trial (n = 302) showed that acupuncture is more effective than no acupuncture. Another German randomized controlled trial (n = 794) showed that 11 acupuncture treatments given within a six-week period was at least as effective as a β-blocker taken daily over a six-month period.3,4 As a consequence of these and 20 other high-quality trials involving 4419 participants, the 2009 Cochrane review by Linde and colleagues5 found that there is consistent evidence that acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of acute migraine attacks and that the available studies suggest that acupunct

Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment

WebMD introduced acupuncture for infertility treatment....”When it comes to getting pregnant, old world techniques may be just what today's high-tech doctors will order. ..... But as good as modern science is, many couples trying to get pregnant find themselves turning to an age-old treatment for help -- one so steeped in tradition it's about as far from life in the 21st century as one can get. That treatment is acupuncture, and today, even high-tech reproductive specialists are looking to the somewhat mysterious world of Chinese medicine to help those fertility patients for whom western science alone is not quite enough." The Role of an Acu

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